Executive Mentoring - Program

Strategic Intent

This is a program specifically designed for your particular need/s. It provides a vehicle and environment for you to be open with your thoughts, hopes and concerns without judgement. The period of engagement is flexible, from an ongoing arrangement, to an “as needs” basis – it is all about what you need.

Some circumstances where the need for Executive Mentoring might be required, includes:

  • A small business owner looking for an external person to test out their thinking for the purpose of clarifying options for a specific situation, or environment.
  • A small business owner working through the transitioning of their business into a different profile structure and needing access to an experienced person to “check in” with periodically.
  • The provision of development mentoring for junior managers within a business where they have been identified as future senior leaders within the business.
  • An existing executive struggling with the “politics of business”.
  • A small business owner with a limited network reach.

Following an initial obligation free scoping meeting, a suggested program will be drafted, which will include the frequency of meetings, the role of the Mentor, the expected outcome, the location and the associated cost.

Why should I consider this?

Business networks are never quite large enough and often do not have the depth of experience and diversity. It is these platforms that often provide a degree of business mentoring and if you don’t have the required level of experience then you need to access it in a different way. Utilising the services of a professional mentor will address the shortfall and provide you with access to a broader network. 

A further point for consideration is that quite often an individual’s network will not challenge their thinking for fear of impacting their friendship, or business relationship. A mentor will challenge your thinking and provide a more professional level of support to assist you in your development.