Unlock the Future - Program

Generally Business Owners have worked through an informal process to establish some form of plan as to where they would like to move their business –  sometimes documented, but often not. The Unlock the Future Program is an opportunity to:

  1. Provide an external perspective to your thinking to challenge and test that thinking. And,
  2. Provide a formal process and structure to your strategic planning.

It is primarily a situational analysis which provides a summary assessment of your business, through your eyes. The outcome is the provision of an Action Plan for you to work through with regular updates/reviews as to your process to ensure momentum is maintained.

Stage One

You will receive an email with a link to an independent survey (Business Growth Score). You will need to complete the survey (usually 20 minutes). The information provided by you will be how you currently view the performance of your business. A report will be generated that benchmarks you against a study sample of views of 3,000 businesses.

The report establishes a benchmark of the current performance of your business and highlights areas that will require deeper assessment and review.

Stage Two

Planning Day:

Generally, 5 – 6 hours in duration the process for the day will be discussed and agreed one week prior to the day. The location will depend on you – either onsite if you prefer and have a meeting room, or we will organise an offsite location. You will need to be fully engaged on the day, so it is important to identify what works best for you.

We will use the report from the Business Growth Score Survey together with a situational analysis of your business on the day to identify specific areas of your business that require deeper discussion and action and what that action might be.

We will summarise and review what has been covered during the day to ensure that all opportunities are fully addressed in terms of required actions.

Stage Three

Within one week of the planning day, we will present a Summary Report and Action Plan. This session usually takes 1-2 hours with the focus being all about actions and expectations.

Stage Four

There will need to be ongoing review and update while you work through the Action Plan. The frequency and length of this stage will be determined by the Plan itself and will be discussed and agreed to during Stage Three of the Program.

Momentum is critical when moving through change and this is best achieved by committing to external review on a regular basis as you work through your Plan.

As with Stage Three, you will need to set aside 1 – 2 hours for the review and update sessions

Cost Structure

Stage One – Stage Three $3,000 (plus GST)
Stage Four $350/hour (plus GST)

Depending on the size and extent of the strategy involved, there is scope to structure a fixed, or projectbased fee for Stage Four.

Why should I consider this?

Change is both uncomfortable and the outcome uncertain. Anxiety thrives on uncertainty and can often cause business owners to abandon strategic plans and stick to the same pattern of behaviour.

Working with Arditi will significantly lessen the level of anxiety as you will be working with an experienced strategic manager who will guide and support you through the process of change.

You won’t be on your own.