How easy are you to do business with?

How easy are you to do business with?

Last week, the World Bank released their annual survey of Countries that are most easy to do business with. New Zealand proved to be consistent in their approach and structure, again coming in at No. 1. Australia came in at position 18, just ahead of Latvia and Mauritius.

As a small business owner I wasn’t surprised that Australia failed to rank any higher, because we do seem to like adding red tape and other challenges for businesses to operate in our country. I’ll avoid the political commentary and leave that for others, but it got me thinking about Australian companies (of all sizes and length of tenure) and wondering how they/we might measure up in the “Easy to do Business with” stakes?

We are all focussed on producing our annual budgets and strategic plans of all shapes and sizes, but how often do we take a “Customer’s Perspective” of how easy we are to do business with and adjust our operation accordingly? It would certainly be an interesting exercise to have an external perspective.

Here is the link to the article referenced above:

AFR Article - Nov 2018

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