The 7 Key Steps to Successful Team Development

Team development is one of those terms that often comes across as an aspirational
objective. It generally commences in a very positive environment, but the “business of the
day” gets in the way, the overall objective then becomes confused and the momentum is

Here are some key steps towards succeeding in keeping the good ship team development,

1. The first step is assessing and bringing together your team. Ideally, you are looking
for individuals with different skill sets, knowledge and experience. Additionally, you
don’t want a team of “Superstars”, the term development is critical here, as you need
to put the time into the team to develop a strong, performing team.

2. The company’s vision and mission need to be clear so that team objectives can be
clearly understood and measurable.

3. Build trust and respect within the team. The rules around how the team will interact
collectively and individually need to be established at the beginning. Commitment to
adhering to these rules will need to be demonstrated by the team leader and the
team will then follow. It is never “what you say”, but “what you do” that counts.

4. Develop strong leadership within the group. There will be obvious leaders initially
within the team, but others will emerge. The challenge here will be to provide
opportunities and training for individuals to grow within the team, without challenging
the dynamic of the team.

5. Connection is critical and will often come from consistent communication through
project delivery. This is when the “magic happens” and true collaboration as a
successful team results.

6. We all need measurement and feedback – it keeps us on track. Regular performance
reviews and one on one meetings must be scheduled and committed to. The is what
keeps the ship afloat.

7. Celebrate successes. This is equally critical, as all members need positive
reinforcement to boost morale and motivation.

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